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pcausa's podcast

May 11, 2018

In episode 16 Ian and Kevin discuss the upcoming format for the shows in Phoenix, Albuquerque and Lakeland. 

Traditionally in the USA most shows are judged in the morning and then after all classes have been judged they leave and return that evening for the night show. Generally speaking the pre judging can start as early as 8am and finish around 12-1, this is followed by an evening show that would begin around 6pm and sometimes run until after midnight. With the growth in bodybuilding so have the number of contestants and this leaves athletes without the chance to show their hard work on stage. 


PCA has broken tradition by running a through show . 

This means each class comes out , comparisons are done in groups to establish placings. The whole lineup leaves the stage and each athlete then comes onstage to their 60 second routine to music of their choice . During this time the judges are collecting the scorecards for final placings . 

If it is a split decision then the posing routine will be the deciding factor.

After EVERY athlete has posed the placings are announced and the medals and trophies handed out, pictures are taken then that class is finished . 


As an athlete this means you peak once, carb up once and after your class you are free to eat or watch the show in comfort knowing you are done . As a family member/ audience it means a shorter day ( especially if children are with you to cheer on a family member )



We are bringing this style to the USA, to ensure our athletes have the best experience possible. Gone will be the days of dieting for months to be onstage for seconds, gone are the days when it was too expensive for your own children to see you onstage ( free admission for under 12’s) .

PCA USA is here to change the Physical Culture world and we are doing it by looking after the very heart of the sport (the athlete)


PCA is here to Judge fairly and offer everyone with dedication and drive an opportunity to compete without being in a click or part of a team . 

We are building our own team, and Team USA will be flying the flag high when we go to the UK in October .

We are very excited to roll out the PCA brand in the USA